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BLUF® White (NYPD) Shirt

Collar circumference in inches
bicpes circumference in inches

Leather shirt Uniform: a leather uniform shirt  is the preferred clothing for most BLUF® members. That is tall boots, leather trousers , with a leather shirt, ( CAN BE PURCHASED separately ,tie, Sam Browne belt, gloves, cap and jacket.)

Our uniform is made up butter soft leather that has hand processed, and a very High quality Quality natural leather .  Where we has used Cowhide for detailing it still remains  to the consistence of the butter soft as well as Sheep nappa leather..  The only difference is the weight and Gauge of the leather. We produce best quality leather for all our products and only offer grade A item..


  • the uniforms had pipping to make the background colour of the uniform
  • Please can you  include the measurements in picture key measurement image