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BLM Barman Waistcoat


Our classic barman waistcoat has been enhanced to bear the BLM Fist logo.

Made with a firm, gloss-finish, cow-hide exterior and lined with softer lamb-leather, this is a waistcoat you can wear with pride.

The high-gloss finish of this waistcoat is achieved using our custom Vegetan process which uses plant-derived tannins rather than chemicals. The result is a stiffer leather that takes tooling very well, and makes the perfect base for an appliqué design.

The BLM Fist logo covers the entire back and is sown in two layers of leather; with white base and gloss-black negative-space to render a striking visible image.

Two internal pockets are handy for storing the essentials of a man-about-town and will not affect the shape of this traditional vest.