Spitfire Motif Masks
Spitfire Motif Masks
Spitfire Motif Masks

Spitfire Motif Masks

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Face Mask

Our dual-layer reusable face masks cover your mouth and nose in public while showing the world your love for XXXXXXX.

These masks have elasticated fabric ear loops ensure a snug fit without leaving marks or lines.

Each graphic design is rendered using a computer controlled, dye-transfer printing technique. This gives crisp, pin-sharp lines and beautiful, permanent colours that are embedded in the fabric.

The image won't fade, crack or lose their lustre even after multiple wearing and washings.

After use, the mask can be washed at 60°C to kill bacteria and other airborne nasties.

  • Mask with two fabric layers
  • Reusable (wash at 60°C, tumble or drip-dry)
  • 100% polyester

Like all non-medically approved face coverings, our mass are not proven protection against infection. They will however ensure you comply with local or national laws and customs, while providing a rudimentary barrier to airborne particles.